Suppliers and Applicators of Jotun Epoxy Floor Coatings in Cape Town.

Supplying Jotun Anti-Corrosion Coatings, Intumescent Coatings, Decorative Paints and Polyurethane Flooring Cape Town for clients throughout the Cape Town area. The experienced staff of Protective Coatings Cape Town will help you select the coating type that will prolong the performance and lifespan of industrial equipment, steelwork, subsea vessels, marine equipment and more. We take pride in the fact that our solutions are also aesthetically pleasing.

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Protective Coatings Cape Town service the wider Cape Town area, and will travel further where necessary for our clients. Our service area encompasses the areas below in the blue circle. We can also extend coverage to other areas of the Western Cape although additional service fees may apply.

Protective Coatings Cape Town offers a variety of Jotun Products, Expert Care and Support Services in the wider Cape Town Area as well as the coatal towns of The West Coast i.e. Saldanha up to Gansbaai. Typically the towns of Paarl, Stellenbosch, Somerset West etc. are within our range.

The CHALLENGE That Most Countries Face – CORROSION

Corrosion is mostly a universal challenge which costs 3% or even more of Gross Domestic Product for the majority of modern countries. Corrosion is mostly a global problem which has plagued buildings, monuments, equipment, and infrastructure for hundreds of years. Every single day researchers, chemists, scientists, engineers, along with other professionals create revolutionary ways to combat corrosion and protect vital assets from the damaging impacts of corrosion-related deterioration and failure. In working with companies on a daily basis, we understand the necessity of becoming pre-emptive in regards to corrosion prevention otherwise you could find yourself spending much more than you’d like.

There are numerous steel structures that have continued being used satisfactorily throughout the years despite adverse conditions. The very first major iron structure, the bridge in Coalbrookdale UK, has survived over two centuries whilst the Forth rail bridge over 100 years of age is very famous. Today, modern durable protective coatings can be applied which, when used appropriately, allow extended maintenace and repair intervals and enhanced performance.

The key to success lies in recognising the corrosivity of the environment to which the structure will be exposed and in defining clear and appropriate coating specifications. Protective Coatings and Compounds allow you the opportunity to maintain and protect your industrial equipment.

Protective Coatings Cape Town – The SOLUTION

Protective Coatings Cape Town can assist you to achieve the best protective coating solution for your project, including;

• A World Class Brand – Jotun Products & Systems
• Suppliers of a Variety of Industrial Coatings: Epoxy Floor Coatings, Anti-Corrosion Coatings, Marine Coatings, Antumescent Coatings & Decorative Paints.
• Easily Applied Systems
• Cost Effective Project Specific Solutions
• Expert Technical Advice and Customer Service
• Even the best of protective coating systems will fail prematurely if not properly applied. Protective coatings are essentially purchased unassembled. Their ultimate performance is largely dependent upon the quality with which they are installed. In fact, the majority of premature failures are attributed to improper surface preparation and coating application, not to faulty coating materials. The role of our staff is to ensure that the coating manufacturer’s instructions are followed and specified requirements are achieved. In this way, the performance of a coatings system can be optimized and the design service life attained. We can even assist with a team of certified applicators, if needed.

Protective Coatings Cape Town – More Value Added Services that we Offer

An Overseeing Role during the Application Process ensuring that the following conditions are met;

• Contamination and structural defects have been removed from the substrate prior to surface preparation operations. Also that Weather conditions are within the specified tolerances.
• The surface preparation is achieving the specified results with respect to cleanliness and surface roughness.
• The protective coatings materials are as specified.
• The coatings are properly mixed and applied in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and specifications’ requirements.
• The coatings system has been applied to the specified dry film thickness and is free from unallowable defects.

Our goal is outstanding customer service and our commitment is to your project deadlines.

Contact us on 087 550 7676 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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Protective Coatings Cape Town – Industrial & Commercial Paint Contractors
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